My purpose is to support and educate you in your healing process.  I will also give you the tools necessary to continue on your own.

             Kim McIntire

Kim McIntire Human Integration

    It has been 15 years since the start of this amazing journey of healing others and myself. I enrolled in massage school on a whim to prevent sweating to death while moving dirt in the Arizona heat (This without ever experiencing a massage myself) Massage school would also help me continue running from my demons by getting a job on a cruise liner. That never worked out. 

    Everything including my massage training, Ashiatsu, Rolf® Training, neural mobilization, NKT, Voila and Qi Gong to name a few has brought me to a place where I can lengthen tissues and nerves with a sweep of my hand and balance chakras and emotions with a flick of the finger. (This includes over Skype, Facetime and such) I owe a debt of gratitude to all of my instructors, clients, and pretty much every situation I have been in. They have all helped bring me to this place. Thank you.

    Although I attended the Rolf Institute I am no longer calling myself and Rolfer®. This decision was made so as not to confuse anyone. Traditional Rolfing is about lengthening the fascia to create balance. It defiantly has a purpose but as my abilities progressed I found the fascia of the body lengthening on it’s own. Especially with the connection to a balanced brain to the area. It is still Pretty amazing everyday as I witness it. I do not want to anger anyone expecting me to press on their body to create balance so I opted out.

     This is where the name Human Integration came about. It is a Holistic union of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual human being. The ability to tune into every frequency of the body to create change depending upon what the bodies energy says is the most important. Equine? Oh yes, I also work with horses and their humans to create symmetry and connection. (I also work with other animals.)

       I continue to enjoy learning new was to help you achieve 
whatever goals you have. The work today is something 
unexplainable. Just as a Jedi uses the force I am able to move 
energy in and out of my clients to create balance and the give 
the body the opportunity to heal. Through the use muscle 
testing I am able to test the clients system to see if a wide 
assortment of systems are in order and neurologically 
connected to the brain. I test the cranial bones, muscles, 
chakras, meridians, emotions, organs, nerves and even the 
bones allowing symmetry, balance and organization which 
gives us the opportunity and ability to heal.
     I hope you enjoy this information and as always, if you need some help in moving forward (pain physical or emotional), help in healing from trauma or want to be a better athlete I am just around the corner at 675 Joette Dr. Gardnerville Nv 89460 or right in your living room through the internet.

       My work has been effective in resolving:

Neck Pain                      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                 Releasing anger, fear, resentment

Back Pain                       Bladder leakage                               Gaining confidence

Whiplash                        PTSD                                                  Headaches

Tmj                                  Posture and alignment issues        Post surgical issues

Improving Athletic performance                                  Increasing strength, flexibility and coordination


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