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Class Descriptions

Pelvic Floor

​Would you like to free yourself from BACK, HIP, LEG or ABDOMINAL PAIN?
Golf better?
Have a more connected and stronger CORE for Horseback riding?
Recover from a pelvic or back injury?
Recover from childbirth whether it was vaginal or Cesarian?
The PELVIC FLOOR is a support center that is present in MEN and WOMEN although it is mostly talked about with women. Incontinence, Back Pain, Leg Pain and Hip Pain are suffered by men and women alike and a dysfunctional PELVIC FLOOR may be the cause.
In this Human Integration Pelvic Floor class we will learn:
1. What the Pelvic Floor is.
2. What the Pelvic Floor does.
3. How to balance the muscles of the pelvic floor to create support for the rest of the body.
4. Emotional connection to an imbalanced Pelvic Floor which can lead to pain and inflexibility.
5 Chakra connections to the Pelvic Floor and how to balance them.
6. The four basic principles for each class including breathing, tapping, alignment and CORE. (The pelvic floor is an integral part of the Core of the body.)
Learn how to muscle test so you can repair yourself daily Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Human Integration for Yoga.

  We have been taught a ton about yoga. Is all of the information correct for you? This class will teach you how to integrate CORE, Tapping, alignment and Breathe into a functional yoga movement session that you can seamlessly fuse into your everyday life. Human Integration classes will give you the ability to make self corrections within the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspect of your movement creating balance and symmetry within all aspects of your Human Being.