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Human Integration Classes

Classes will be held at the Douglas County Community Center
7:00 PM on Wednesdays. Book online here. 


Not sure if you remember me but you have had a Huge impact on helping me finding my inner peace. I hope I can come to one of your workshops. Thank you !!

Human Integration: to construct/reconstruct the 4 pillars of a solid human foundation. Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.

         In Human Integration classes Kim will teach and offer healing energy to allow each and every human the ability to heal themselves. Every individual has their own story and experience. The tools and healing given during class will help each individual release pain, see the larger picture of their life, observe possibilities otherwise unseen, and possibly give birth to a life never imagined.

    As imbalances are brought into awareness this gives the possibility for growth. At times this growth may be painful or scary but it is Kim’s goal to create a healing, safe and balanced environment to allow for this transition. While some may come to class to take the plunge others may come in just to absorb what is needed without outward participation. Each is invited.

    During every class we will always touch base around Alignment, CORE, Breath and Tapping. Every week will have a different mindset or goal but the core 4 will always remain the same. We have the possibility to learn about muscles, nerves, bones, meridians, emotions and how they effect our everyday life, chakras, and connection to Spirit, God, Jesus, The Universe, Source, or anything you believe or connect to.

    Kim’s goal is to make this a fun and supportive learning environment.