Equine Integration

Horse Human Integration

    Horse human integration is based on the fact of when riding a horse the horse and riders energy are connected, or should be. If a rider is anxious, fearful or ungrounded the horse may mimic those feelings. If a humans body is unsupported or imbalanced the horse will have to work harder to get the same job done. This can create pain in the horse. It also means this imbalanced rider will be working harder resulting in shorter and fewer rides because of pain or frustration.

​    During a horse human integration I will be working with the horse and the human separately to create balance within the separate systems then horse and rider will begin riding or playing to create one union. The work will be instantly felt during the session. Riding will be easier, more fluid and enjoyable. I will also be educating the rider during the session so that the work can be maintained and grown after the session.

    A side effect of the session is the property where the work is being held will also receive the added benefit of being more balanced energetically which will help everyone and everything that lives there.

$250 a session

Kim McIntire Equine Integration

   I was introduced to equine bodywork from a friend in need. I had never worked with horses before but found an immediate enjoyment for the work. With the integration of my knowledge of energy and equine classes I now call the work Equine Integration.

   Equine Integration is a means of seeing the horses physical, energetic and emotional being. Through the use of muscle testing I am able to know what area needs to be balanced in order to bring healing and alignment of all the systems. While a horse may be presenting physical symptoms an emotional component may be the actual cause and visa versa.

   Kim uses energy through his study of Spring Forest Qi Gong to bring balance and aid in the healing process. He is currently working on classes for horse owners to help the owner be a better more connected rider.

$170 a session