Kim McIntire Human & Equine Integration

    Humans are a physical being. There is no denying that fact. We can feel ourself and others We feel physical pain. We fall, it hurts. We eat bad food, we get sick. While this pain may be felt on the physical level it does not mean it is from a physical manifestation. Have you ever wondered why we may feel better or worse around others depending upon their mood?

    While we as humans are a physical being we are so much more that that. We experience emotions, have spiritual beliefs or connections, and feel things that cannot be explained. Ever feel the hair on the back of your neck stand on end? This may have happened at a time when you decided to turn right instead of left, or for some reason decided not to go to the movies or snowboarding. Something other then ourself may have told us to make a change. Are we willing to listen to that voice in our head or do we fight it?​

    Knowing where to work is done through a system of muscle testing. Simply asking the energetic body what needs to be brought to balance will elicit either a positive or negative response. I will begin this process by showing the client through the use of their legs. A positive response in the system and the legs will not move while a negative will change the leg lengh immediately. This leg length response shows us what needs to be worked including the physical body, chakras, emotions, organs, nerves, cranium, integrating the laser, strengthening or whatever else comes up. I then move to muscle testing myself in relation to your system and perform the corrections off body. This saves time and much more work can be accomplished instead of waiting for your system to decided that it is ok or safe to make the change. 

    Hundreds of corrections can and will be made during a session so I make sure your brain and energetic body remains feeling safe and secure during this process through the use of weighted bags and Core (electrolyte drink). Your energy will tell us when you are done or need a break.

Human Integration


              Human Integration sessions at my office. $170 check or credit. 150 Cash

              Skype, Facetime, Messenger or Phone session $170 paid at time of booking

              In your home human integration session. $220 +travel fee

              In your office human integration session. Price will be determined after request

              and before booking