Electrolyte drink for health and wellness

    Kim discovered core during a continuation education class. he immediately found the ability to concentrate better, had more energy and it tastes great (BIG BONUS) all without the artificial and unnatural ingredients you may find in OTHER sports? drinks.

    Other available products are Lean to promote fat loss, Heal to reduce inflammation, and D-AA to help increase testosterone to name a few. 

    Core is used during sessions to help the brain stay focused during the hundreds of corrections being performed to prevent sympathetic distress or overwhelm. 

Support bags

    Weighted bags or blanket are being used for children with autism. They help with sleeping and everyday life by giving the body a "hug". This hug helps the brain produce serotonin which is a​​ hormone produced in the brain and intestines. This hormone helps regulate bowel function, mood, clotting, bone density, nausea, and sexual function.

    These bags are handmade specifically for you by Kim. The colors are the most supportive for your healing throughout your life and filled with universal energy to help you fill up with positive while releasing the unneeded.


    "Well, for some reason I have been walking past the box of bags you sent me and just feeling overwhelmed still. There is something in me that must be destructive as I know I should change things but I seem to do little to help myself. I opened the box this morning and the moment I put my hands on the bags the ache left. Sat down with them and did tapping even though my husband was in the kitchen. It took two sets of tapping and I felt the flow of energy through my body and felt so much better. Love them and the little colorful things too! The smell of lavender or sage is delightful too.... Thank you. I will continue...even though my husband's eyebrows raised up....🙂"

    While we may not have autism we definitely have stress. These bags will help you destress especially when used with tapping.

​Set of 4 $70 (plus shipping if necessary)

Kim McIntire Human Integration


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    Support comes in many shapes and sizes. Support can be anything from nature, family and the arches of our feet to the bottom of our skull supporting our brain. If we lose support internally or externally we suffer. Suffering may be experienced as pain, disease, anger, grief or sadness.

    Below are helpful tools to help you along your way to health and happiness.